Starting work safely

Working well only gets you half way there. Start your safety onboarding today to complete the process. You can easily tailor it to your workplace and organization.

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Safety onboarding

Create your own safety onboarding program with our effortlessly customizable format. We have already built the necessary framework for you by including all the important safety topics you need. All you have to do is fill in the specifics of your workplace. Add a few of your own images and text, and you’re done.

Our safety onboarding program has been created to ensure that everyone starts work safely. It is also inexpensive compared to a custom program.

Our safety onboarding program is available as a single product, and it is also included in our toolbox library.

The onboarding program is available in Dutch and English, and it includes:

  • Safety onboarding
  • A license to the tool, which allows you to customize the program yourself
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This is what our customers say about us

“It is clear that helping their customers is a top priority for eWorks, as they are always willing to meet our requests and make changes based on our user feedback.”

Travis Kerr, Liftwerx Solutions

“The training fits our target audience perfectly. It looks beautiful, it is highly effective and it engages our employees directly. It is highly recommended for companies in the complex & heavy equipment industry, where working safely is crucial.”

Kees van der Meijden, Batenburg JB Systems

“eWorks has an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable team of people. They are always ready to assist us in making even better use of our safety tools!”

Jos Verkerk, Orona

e-Learning toolbox library

eWorks’ e-learning toolboxes are there for everyone in the company. There is always something new to learn about working safely.

DareToCare app

Our powerful safety app gives you easy on-the-job safety reporting and access to toolboxes, work instructions, manuals and alerts.

Safety escape truck

Our safety escape truck is designed to train employees to work safely under time and group pressure. The game challenges players to solve exciting tasks in a fast, fun way, and to work safely while doing so.

Gate instruction

Create your own gate instructional program with our easily customizable format to make sure that visitors enter your premises safely.

Escape Room