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We create a work environment in which employees feel secure and work safely

There are many situations which can lead to risky behavior in the workplace: unsafe handling of hazardous substances, improper lifting of large, heavy or unstable objects, incorrect usage of equipment, machinery and protective devices, packaging material lying around, haste, stress or carelessness. A small mistake can have major consequences for you and your colleagues. With our toolboxes, safety onboarding program and app, we help organizations develop a strong safety culture.

Working safely

Working safely begins with awareness

When you understand the usefulness of safety regulations, complying with them is a lot easier. With the eWorks toolboxes, safety onboarding program and app, you can use recognizable situations, catchy examples and interactive exercises to help your colleagues to take responsibility for working safely and significantly reduce the risk of incidents.

Working safely: a continuous process

Working safely is a continuous process consisting of raising awareness, refreshing and repeating knowledge. Behavioral change does not happen overnight. By repeatedly paying attention to the desired behavior, you work towards creating a safety culture.

You can perfectly combine eWorks’ online and offline toolboxes for this purpose. With more than 75 topics and 4 standard languages, you can help everyone in the workplace to work safely. Do you also want to send alerts and tips during work? If so, add the DareToCare app to your package. That way, your colleagues will be constantly up to date.


Easily customizable

Our safety programs are easy to adapt to your own work situation. Consider adding company-specific risks, proprietary images of your workplace or customizing your language.

We provide inspiration and take work off your hands

To help you get started with your safety program, our eWorks experts are happy to provide you with guidance. For example, we can give you tips on activating working methods and new topics. That way, you do not have to look for inspiration yourself and you can minimize the time you use on preparing your toolboxes. Our offline toolboxes are fully prepared and include engaging and interactive exercises.

Reasonably priced

At eWorks, we believe that working safely should be possible for everyone. That is why our products are reasonably priced. We have a suitable toolbox subscription for every workplace, to which you can easily add extra options if you want. There are also additional benefits when you combine a subscription with one of our other products, such as the DareToCare app or the safety onboarding program.

Thousands of users preceded you

Our clients range from the world’s largest companies in industry, construction, infrastructure and shipping, to local businesses. We help all these companies with relevant, recognizable safety programs, which allow them to continuously work on safe behavior.

Whether your colleagues operate a forklift, work at heights, move heavy objects or work with hazardous machinery or substances, with eWorks’ products, you can make sure that everyone works safely.

Safety Instructions

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