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Toolbox library

With more than 70 microlearnings and 4 standard languages in the toolbox library, you help everyone in the workplace to work safely. Easily compile programs and benefit from updates and new toolboxes.

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Safety onboarding

Train your employees smartly with eWorks’ safety onboarding. That way, you can be sure that everyone gets started safely.

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Gate instruction

Create your own gate instruction with our easily customizable format and ensure that visitors enter the premises safely.

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DareToCare app

Easy on-the-job safety reporting and access to toolboxes, work instructions, manuals and alerts with our powerful safety app.

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Create your own program

Choose which toolboxes you want to use from the e-learning library: by theme or all.

Combination deal

Combine the safety onboarding with the e-learning library, offline toolboxes and the safety app. That way, you use all our tooling to work safely!

eWorks support

You can easily deploy all of our tooling yourself. If you require assistance, our safety consultants will be happy to take care of that for you.

Safety escape truck

Do you want to draw attention to safety? Use the safety escape room for an unforgettable experience.

Always 4 languages

All our products are standard in Dutch, English, German and Polish. Other languages are available upon request.

DareToCare app

Use the safety app to quickly access your toolboxes, manuals and work instructions.

Toolbox library with microlearnings

eWorks’ e-learning toolboxes are there for everyone in the company. There is always something to learn about working safely.


Whether your company is large or small, combine our products and tooling to best promote safe working practices.

New employees immediately secure

Give new employees a good start. Make them immediately aware with the safety onboarding and help them to stay alert with the DareToCare safety app.