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eWorks’ safety toolboxes are there for everyone in the company. There is always something new to learn about working safely.

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e-learning toolboxes

 Toolbox library

Our easy-to-use learning portal gives you access to our safety toolboxes and offers both convenience and excellent on-the-job support.

The toolbox topics are regularly updated and added to, so that your people can learn all the latest information they need. Whether you wish to opt for a comprehensive program or for the occasional safety e-learning, we have suitable topics for every workplace in our online toolbox library.

This allows you to ensure that safe working practices remain a priority for everyone in your company.

  • More than 75 ready-to-use online safety courses
  • Available in Dutch, English, Polish and German on any online device
  • Easy registration and reporting options
  • An additional offline library – consisting of more than 75 easy-to-download PowerPoint presentations – in which we give you all the subject matter you need and which you can pair with our online toolboxes.
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Subscriptions and options

We have a suitable subscription for every workplace, to which you can easily add extra options, such as access to our learning portal, customized to your own look and feel.

You can enjoy extra benefits if you pair a subscription with one of our other products and services. For example, you can opt to use the DareToCare safety app for on-the-job learning and for consulting work instructions and manuals. You can also choose our support cards, which allow eWorks consultants to help you with any problem that might come up.

Do you want to deploy our safety toolboxes in your own learning management system? We can help with that too.

There are multiple ways in which you can achieve that and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

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Safety onboarding

This is what our customers say about us

“Our employees work all over Europe. It is therefore difficult to get everyone together regularly for the mandatory training. We have managed that challenge by using e-learning from eWorks, which allows everyone to learn remotely. Safety awareness has increased as a result.”

Natasja Ausema, Kleinveld B.V.

“With the toolbox library, we are taking our safety instruction to the next level and giving our operations managers better tools to increase the safety awareness of our technicians.”

Jos Verkerk, Orona

“Our interaction with eWorks during the development of our training was very effective and pleasant. They have a professional approach to what they do as well as a good eye (and ear) for the client’s objectives.”

Johan Wulder, Jumbo Maritime

Online toolbox

Safety onboarding

Train your new employees smartly with eWorks’ safety onboarding program to make sure that everyone gets started with safety in mind.

DareToCare app

Do you want to easily send safety notifications while working? You can do that with our powerful safety app. You also get easy access to toolboxes, work instructions, manuals and alerts.

Safety escape truck

Our safety escape truck is designed to train employees to work safely under time and group pressure. The game challenges players to solve exciting tasks in a fast, fun way, and to work safely while doing so.

Gate instruction

Create your own gate instructional program with our easily customizable format to make sure that visitors enter your premises safely.

Escape room cyber security