How can we help you?

Choose from 2 types of approach

Deploy one or more eWorks products to make every day a little safer. You choose what suits your organization best. And if you want help with that, we are here for you.

Safety aspects

Practically on the go

We coordinate the requirements by phone or online. You may already know what you are looking for, and otherwise we will offer advice. You order the products you need and start using them yourself.

This approach is often chosen when you already know what you need and/or when the number of participants is not that large.

Safe onboarding

Broad approach and implementation

Together we explore exactly what you need. We discuss your needs and see who are the ambassadors in your organization. Based on the inventory, we select the right products and services. Activities we can then carry out are:

      • Creating roll-out planning to keep everything on the right track
      • Conducting workshops in which we prepare ambassadors to provide assurance
      • Interim evaluations, which can be used to monitor the deployment of products
      • Providing full support, where we can unburden you in participant management, administration and reporting

A topic for every workplace

eWorks’ e-learning toolboxes are there for everyone in the company. There is always something to learn about working safely.

E-learning toolbox library

How many e-learnings do you have?

We offer more than 75 topics, which are available both online (e-learning modules) and offline (PowerPoints).

Can I adjust it myself?

The text and images are easily customized with the authoring tool. You can also easily add and/or remove pages.

What languages do you support?

All toolboxes are available in Dutch, English, German and Polish.

What if I want another language?

Do you want a language other than Dutch, English, German or Polish? This can be done relatively easily and quickly. Let us know what other language you would like.

Can we also use part of the library?

Definitely! We also offer half a library for companies up to 50 employees.

Can the library also run on our own platform?

Yes, that is possible. We offer an LTI link.

Do you support LTI and/or SCORM?

We support LTI, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

Offline toolboxes

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Nothing here

Can I download these somewhere?

Yes, you will receive a download link after signing our quote.

DareToCare app

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Can I download a demo?

You can download a free version of the app from Google Play and the App Store. After registration, you will receive a company code via e-mail. Enter these and you and your colleagues can get started.

What languages do you support?

The DareToCare safety app is available in Dutch, English and German.

Safety onboarding

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Can I adjust it myself?

The text and images are easily customized with the authoring tool. You can also easily add and/or remove pages.

Gate instruction

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In what languages is the gate instruction available?

It is available by default in English and Dutch. Upon request, we can provide any language you require.

What does the gate instruction consist of?

The gate instruction consists of:

  • A number of content chapters that you can customize with your own text or photos. You can also choose to create your own corporate video instead of the content chapters.
  • A test (10 questions) that you can customize with your own text or images. You can also remove the test.
  • A certificate.
How do people access the gate instruction?

Your employees will receive a QR code or an access link.

Safety escape truck

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How many people can play the game in a day?

A maximum of 80 people can play the game per truck in one day. With 3 trucks you can train 240 participants per day. You can deploy the trucks to multiple locations at the same time. You can also use one truck in multiple locations and on different days.

Can I deploy the safety escape truck at my location?

You can easily deploy the safety escape truck in any location. The site must meet the following conditions:

  • Space for the truck, which is 385 cm high, 370 cm wide and 11 m long.
  • Within 25 meters of a protective contact socket 230V/16A.
Do you supervise the game?

Yes, there is always a game master present. In addition, there is always at least one person present for a follow-up discussion.

What topics are covered during the game?

The assignments during the game consist of situations that employees also encounter in everyday work and relate to:

  • ATmosphere EXplosible (ATEX)
  • Safety, health and environment
  • Major Accident Prevention (MAPP)
  • Life-saving rules
  • Safety procedures
  • Work instructions
  • Personal protection (PPE)
  • Reporting incidents and accidents
  • Emergencies and evacuation
  • Fines
  • Emergency numbers
  • Quality management
  • Digital Safety Passport (DSP)
  • Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)
  • Reporting alcohol and drugs
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Gas measuring
  • Valve control
  • Collaboration
  • Information security
  • Cyber security
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