Gate instruction

Create your own gate instructional program with our easily customizable format to make sure that visitors enter your premises safely.

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Gate Instruction

Ready-to-use program

What do you do in the event of a fire, an accident or other emergencies? You want to give visitors, suppliers and contractors proper instructions if such an event occurs while they are on your premises. You would also preferably want to test whether they have understood these instructions correctly.

Using a piece of paper with instructions for that is out of date, and a video or a customized program is expensive. Moreover, you cannot easily adjust a tailor-made program on the go. That is why eWorks has developed something new: a ready-to-use program that you can fill in with the safety instructions that are important to your company.

    How it works

    Our gate instructional program consists of standard safety instructions, which you can customize to obtain the company-specific product that you need. For example, you can add your own images, examples and instructions. It is best if you ask us to do that for you, since we can update your gate instructional program in no time in case certain aspects of security change within your organization.

    In addition, you can include a number of extra options:

    • Remote login via e-mail or on site via a QR code
    • A test that allows you to measure and register whether the instructions have been understood
    • A certificate that visitors can use as an access pass after taking the test

    Safety Instructions

    Self-customizable or fully customized

    By digitizing your safety instructions, you will not only ensure a more efficient workflow, but you will also get good insight into visitor information retention and you will be able to create reports. You can keep all records of visitors, contractors and suppliers in one system. We will explain exactly how this works during our one-time training session with you.

    Would you rather start from scratch? Or do you have existing systems that you want to link or convert to ours? No problem. Our consultants will be happy to create a tailor-made program for you.

    This is what our customers say about us

    “Our employees work all over Europe. It is therefore difficult to get everyone together regularly for the mandatory training. We have managed that challenge by using e-learning from eWorks, which allows everyone to learn remotely. Safety awareness has increased as a result.”

    Natasja Ausema, Kleinveld B.V.

    “With the toolbox library, we are taking our safety instruction to the next level and giving our operations managers better tools to increase the safety awareness of our technicians.”

    Jos Verkerk, Orona

    “Our interaction with eWorks during the development of our training was very effective and pleasant. They have a professional approach to what they do as well as a good eye (and ear) for the client’s objectives.”

    Johan Wulder, Jumbo Maritime

    Gate Instruction

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