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Safety escape truck

Our safety escape truck is designed to train employees to work safely under time and group pressure. The game challenges players to solve exciting tasks in a fast, fun way, and to work safely while doing so. We confront the participants with situations that they would also encounter in the workplace. This makes them aware of the occasional unsafe choices they might make in hectic situations.

You can easily deploy our mobile trucks (a maximum of 3) at your company’s doorstep. With groups of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 players per game round, you can train a maximum of 80 employees per truck, per day.

Do you want an exciting gaming experience to complement your safety awareness program? Or are you looking for an engaging game that your employees can play, for example, on your company’s annual safety day? Use our safety escape truck. We can also tailor the assignments for you upon request.

How the game works

A team of employees is locked inside the safety escape truck. Together, the participants must avoid risk during their work. Communicating with each other is a must during the game. Will they be able to escape from the truck within 30 minutes without exposing themselves and their colleagues to risk? If they do, that means that they’ve avoided putting lives in danger and that they have won the game.

We follow up with a short group session in which we discuss the scenarios from the game. What happened? How would you react in a real work situation? And what will you do differently next time? This enables you to improve your safety awareness.

Safety escape truck
safety escape truck training

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