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The DareToCare app makes it easy to send alerts and safety tips. You can also upload manuals and work instructions so that everyone literally has them at their fingertips. And there is a lot more that you can do with it.

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Safety Care app

DareToCare app

The app has 6 functions. It’s up to you which one you use:

  1. Send safey alerts (push notifications) and tips
  2. Provide handbooks, work instructions and other documents
  3. Make workplace inspections, LMRAs and more digitally available through dynamic forms
  4. Maintain records of physical toolbox meetings
  5. Report incidents digitally
  6. Easy toolbox creation
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This is what our customers say about us

“The option to create our own forms in the application is a great solution for us, allowing us to get rid of all paper-based administration. In this way, we can digitally process our various on-the-job evaluations directly on site.”

Koen Ebbers, Dikkerboom Betonboringen

“With the DareToCare app, we communicate proactively with each other. It has also allowed us to move away from paper-based audits and inspections forever.”

Jos Verkerk, Orona

“It is clear that helping their customers is a top priority for eWorks, as they are always willing to meet our requests and make changes based on our user feedback.”

Travis Kerr, Liftwerx Solutions

DareToCare app

For companies that want to regulate safe behavior actively, eWorks makes the DareToCare Safety app available for free, with all the features you need from a safety app.

Only additional features, such as custom design or working in groups, require a paid subscription. Below you can see exactly what you can do with the app.

Free app Paid app
Number of users Unlimited License
Asking questions Unlimited Unlimited
Reporting and handling notifications Unlimited Unlimited
Registering toolbox participation Unlimited Unlimited
Several free toolboxes Yes -
Documents in library 5 Unlimited
Information via QR codes 5 Unlimited
Adding your own meetings 5 Unlimited
Push notifications 5 Unlimited
Link eWorks toolbox subscription 5 Unlimited
WPI form Standard Self-customizable
Corona checklist Standard Self-customizable
LMRA form Standard Self-customizable
Your own forms - Unlimited
Your own tips - Unlimited
Your own design - Yes
Custom company code - Yes
Add third parties with different email domain - Unlimited
Working in groups - Yes
Extra HSE managers - Unlimited
Training and assistance with implementation - Yes
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Safety care app

e-Learning toolbox library

With the eWorks toolbox library, you can use realistic situations, relevant examples and interactive exercises to help your colleagues work safely and reduce the risk of safety incidents.

Safety onboarding

Train your new employees smartly with eWorks’ safety onboarding program to make sure that everyone gets started with safety in mind.

Safety escape truck

Our safety escape truck is designed to train employees to work safely under time and group pressure. The game challenges players to solve exciting tasks in a fast, fun way, and to work safely while doing so.

Gate instruction

Create your own gate instructional program with our easily customizable format to make sure that visitors enter your premises safely.

Escape room cyber security