ISO 27001

Guarantee for the safe handling of information

We attach great importance to confidential and secure handling of information. The same when it comes to your data. Our ISO 27001 certificate guarantees that BeOne Development, of which eWorks is a part, meets strict international requirements in the field of information security.

Cerificate of registration

Statement of applicability

Your data is stored securely 

Whether it concerns our learning management system (LMS), our app or our safety onboarding, as a customer you must be able to count on your confidential information being safe with us. We have established how we handle employee data, financial data and other sensitive information we manage for our clients and other third parties.


Continuous development

Within the BeOne Development group, we continuously work to create a corporate culture that breathes safe handling of information. We do this in accessible ways, so that the safe handling of information is now routine among our people.