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DareToCare app: safety now at your fingertips

Orona specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators and ramps; a high-risk field. It is precisely because of these risks that working safely has always been important within Orona. Nevertheless, the company saw room for the next step in safety. The use of safety procedures and forms on paper had to change. That is why Orona chose eWorks’ DareToCare app. The app simplifies documents and procedures by digitizing them, but also helps to engage employees by sending alerts and tips quickly and easily. Exactly what Orona was looking for.

‘With the DareToCare app, the checklists at Orona have become more dynamic. Employees only have to answer questions appropriate to the work situation. The app also provides helpful notifications, such as: ‘A dangerous situation has been reported. Please follow the instructions in the app.’

Working safely is crucial

When you are in the elevator industry, you know better than anyone that an accident can lie in a small corner. Orona’s employees not only work at heights and with moving parts, but must also consider external factors such as elevator users. Therefore, attention is always paid to, among other things, electrical safety and the risk of falling. Employees are always aware of the safety regulations. But what if these can only be found on paper?

The advantage of the DareToCare app is that employees can always access information when needed.

Paper? Not here.

If, like Orona until recently, you work with printed PDF files for toolbox meetings and paper checklists for workplace inspections, which you keep in folders, then it is clearly not very convenient. Moreover, it is not environmentally friendly.

Paper forms are also far from fitting the work situation, because they are not dynamic. At Orona, employees had to check boxes for situations that did not apply. For example, someone doing mechanics work also received questions about electricity on their checklist. This created the risk of employees just placing checkmarks everywhere.

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Improved communication

To make it easier to register workplace inspections, Jos Verkerk, manager of quality and safety at Orona, was looking for a way to digitize the work. He decided to use the DareToCare safety app. With it, all forms and processes were digitized and checklists were made more dynamic. The app also added company-specific content such as work instructions and manuals. As a result, all forms and processes related to safety can be easily found at any time by all operational managers, wherever they are.

With the use of the app, Orona also saw opportunities to improve communication and interaction between employees. Tips and knowledge about working safely are now easily exchanged with and between employees. The lines were shortened.

Moreover, information is easy to find via the app and, therefore, much simpler to apply. Before Orona employees start carrying out their work, they must go through safety procedures. For example, if an employee performs work in a pit, it involves specific safety actions. At Orona, they call this the pit procedure. You will not find this in other industries, but for Orona it is necessary.

By using the app, employees go through the safety procedures easily and quickly, and they also pass tips to each other faster. Instead of using paper forms, they now have everything on their mobile phones.

Safety app implementation

At Orona, operational managers are not required to use the safety app. There was a chance that 75% of the workplace inspections performed would still be carried out on paper, Jos thought. Still, he trusted that the app would be well-received at Orona. And he was right.

Everyone was converted within 3 months. If people believe in a system because it makes their job easier, it works better than if you force them to do something.

Easy use of toolboxes

Orona uses not only the DareToCare app, but also the eWorks offline and online toolboxes. Whereas a supervisor at Orona previously had limited safety training options at his disposal, he now easily uses the toolbox library.

Thanks to the toolbox library, Orona’s executives now have the right tools to organize a proper toolbox meeting. These resources are also available online and offline (as a downloads). Managers choose whether to use a PowerPoint or an online toolbox.

An additional benefit of the toolbox libary is that employees can always access information when needed.

Previously, there were times when only handouts were printed and distributed. As a result, insufficient attention was sometimes paid to safety topics. Employees did indicate with a checkmark that they had attended toolboxes, but it was questionable whether information had really stuck.

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Goodbye to paper for good

With the DareToCare app, we communicate proactively with each other and have been able to say goodbye to paper forever for various audits and inspections.

Jos Verkerk

Ready-to-use toolboxes

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