How do you motivate employees to work safely and responsibly?

How do you motivate your colleagues to work more safely? And how do you ensure that they get the motivation out of themselves? In this webinar we will tell you more about what types of motivation there are and which tools you can use to motivate employees.

webinar motivating safe working

About the webinar

Safe behavior occurs when there is motivation to want to work safely. Time to dive deeper into the components that create motivation! During the webinar you will learn more about the Self-Determination theory and what tools you can use to encourage autonomy, competence and connectedness.

Do you want to know how you motivate employees to work safely and responsibly, and what tools you can use to do so? Astrid de Blecourt, education expert, tells you all about it during the webinar. She uses concrete examples and case studies to get you started with safer work and fewer incidents.

About the speaker

In this webinar, Astrid de Blecourt shows how to motivate employees to work safely and responsibly.

As an educator, Astrid works daily on developing and creating new (learning) solutions and tools that help employees work more safely. She has developed more than 100 training courses that contribute to knowledge, awareness and behavioral change in the field of safety and has guided many organizations in the development of safety programs.